Training bras

Training bras

Our products have been tested and worn by teens and young girls. Although our website sizing is for women, the seamless and wireless construction allows them to fit teens.

Training Bras for young girls

Our fabrics are seamless and flexible, making B Free Intimate Apparel ideal for growing girls.

Young girls can find it difficult to buy intimate clothing. Young girls’ body shapes, bust sizes, and apparel requirements can change drastically during puberty. Young teens need to choose soft, stretchy, and non-restrictive intimate clothing.

Why wirefree?

The best option when it comes to purchasing a training bra is to buy wirefree. Underwire bras will restrict breast size and make it uncomfortable. Teens can often outgrow their bras in a matter of months, especially when they are just starting puberty. This can be costly and an inconvenience.

You don’t have to constantly replace your bras if they are not fitting properly. Instead, you can buy seamless, wireless bras that fit your body perfectly. It is better to have a training bra that grows with you as your body changes.

Easy fit undies

For girls with changing bodies, our seamless, stretchy underwear works well for them. Our underwear collection, like our bras is designed to perfectly fit the body. B-Free undies are flexible and can adapt to your body’s size and composition. B-Free undies don’t lose their shape and can be stretched to fit young girls with a tendency for weight fluctuations.