A Men’s Lingerie Buying Guide: How to Buy Lingerie

Hello, boys. (A reference to a wasted Gossard.)

You’re probably new to this site. You’re probably here because you decided now is the right time to purchase lingerie for your significant others.

Or you can take your measurements and get your first bra. This blog is probably not the right one for you. Instead, visit my latest blog on the Smallest bra size.

All jokes aside, my goal is to help you purchase lingerie. It might seem daunting to buy underwear, but it’s not when you have a lingerie expert. I accept bank transfers or cheques as a form of payment.

In three simple steps, I will show you how to purchase lingerie for your spouse.

Find out the size of your partner.

Find the right lingerie for you.

Choose from my handy list of lingerie and purchase it with a 10% discount for email subscribers.

Buy Lingerie: How to Guess Your Girlfriend’s Bra Size

Lingerie sizes are the first thing to consider. If it doesn’t fit you, I don’t have to tell you what size lingerie to purchase. It’s best to look at their underwear and be smart about it. This should be easy if you live together.

What do Lingerie Sizes mean?

Every undergarment will be labeled with the sizes, just like regular clothes.

Bras are measured using a number (the bands) and a letter (“the cups”). This will look like ’32D’ or ’36FF’.

Knickers can have either a letter (M), a number (12), or a combination of both (M-12).

This applies to bodysuits and suspenders, as well as other sexy lingerie.

How to measure your wife’s bra size

You could also be open with your partner (this thought might move them) or consider buying lingerie together. If you need help with your underwear size, my How To Measure Your Bra Size guide will help. This guide will show you how to measure your bra from home comfort. It also includes all the tables and conversions needed to determine the size.

Buy Lingerie: What Lingerie Are You Looking For?

Next, identify what you are looking for. This involves two parts. What do you love, and what does she really like? It’s not worth buying lingerie she doesn’t feel great in.

While measuring the sizes, be aware of what is already in your lingerie drawer. What colors, styles and types of lingerie are there?

Different types of lingerie

Okay, let’s skip the unnecessary details and get to the point. There are five categories: Bras; Knickers; Bodysuits; Chemises; Suspenders.

These are the essentials. The rest are optional. The Bodysuit is a combination of Bras and Knickers. You can click on each product type to find all the details.