Front closure bras in Australia

Front closure bras in Australia

The front-closure bras attach in the middle of your chest, making it much easier to wear and remove than traditional back-closure bras. The front-closure bras can be fitted with an adjustable hook-and-eye, snap clasps that click into place or a zipper front.

A bra that fastens in front is a great option for those who struggle to reach their back or have mobility issues with their arms or shoulders. Front-closure bras are easier to use, as you don’t need to reach behind your back or spin your bra around to fasten them. The smooth, wide, and smooth back bands of front-closure bras can help smoothen the back and reduce the amount of dents and rolls that traditional back-closing bras can cause.

Front-Closure Support Bra

The MagicLift Front Closure Support Bra is a reimagining of our most popular wireless bra design. It features an easy-to reach front-closure. The bra features multiple settings, a wide range of straps and hook-and-eye closures. The MagicLift design of this wireless bra offers support, shape and lift for band sizes 38-58 and cups B-I.

Front-Closure WonderWire Bra

The Front Closure T-Back WonderWire Bra has a snap front clasp that is easy to use and a low neckline. The T-back design allows for no-show straps underneath clothing, making this style great for wearing with sleeveless or lower-cut tops. The padded underwire offers support and comfort throughout the day. This style is suitable for women sizes 34B-48H.

WonderWire Front Closure Bra

Our most popular front-closure style is the WonderWire Bra. The bra has an easy-to reach front clasp, wide adjustable straps and a padded underneathwire for comfort. This bra is suitable for all cup sizes, including B-to-H sizes.

Comfort Bra Front-Closure Cotton Back T-Back Comfort Bra

The Front Closure Cotton T-Back Comfort bra is ideal for those who value comfort. The leisure bra has self-adjusting stretch cups that conform to your bust. It is made from soft cotton fabric. This bra offers breathable support, whether you’re relaxing at home or running errands.

Front-Closure Smoothing WonderWire bra

The Front Closure Smoothing WonderWire bra will give you a smooth, all-over look. This bra provides all-around support and a wide, stretchy racerback. This bra is suitable for cup sizes from A to H and band sizes up 48.