See Through Bikini

Summer is in full swing, and the beach season is rapidly approaching. This brings us all to the common anxiety of getting our bodies ready for whatever swimming or sunbathing activities we may be planning. The media is awash with messages in the weeks leading up summer. They tell you to get fit, follow a miracle diet, get tanned, and that ideal weight is important.

You’ll be tempted to pull out your last year’s bikinis amid all the pre-beach season angst. If your figure hasn’t changed much and you like the way they look on you, then you are lucky. You don’t need to go through all of the trouble of buying a new one. The Omni Calculator can help you if you are in desperate need of a swimsuit. Our foolproof bikini calculator will quickly determine which type of bikini suits you best based on your body. We’ll also help you answer the question.

We won’t tell you what to wear

Before we get into this subject further, it is important to know the most important rule for choosing clothes, whether they are swimsuits, jackets or pants. This rule applies to all ages, bodies, and mentalities.

You can wear whatever you like.

Our calculator can help you choose the best bikini for your body. What does flatter mean? We want the balanced look, where the top and bottom of the body look balanced, proportional, and pleasing to the eyes.

Don’t let the results fool you. Perhaps you are uncomfortable in small string bikinis even though the calculator suggests them for your body type. We don’t think ruffles are the most flattering, but you might love ruffles. Always follow your gut instinct in these situations. When you feel beautiful , you are the most beautiful . This is when you choose clothes you love.

Yes, you can use these results to inspire you to buy a bikini that you wouldn’t normally find in a shop. But, ultimately, you have the final say. If you love these ruffles, get them!

Which body type am I?

We believe that knowing your body type can be a huge asset. This will help you to determine which clothing styles and colors work best for your body. Your silhouette will appear more proportional and is what we should all strive to achieve.

The bikini calculator determines your body type using the scientific study . It is based on the comparison of body shapes between American and Korean women. These four measurements are used to determine the female body shapes: bust, hip, waist, hip and high hip.

  • Measure your bust at its fullest. Do not squeeze the measuring tape too tightly – you should still be able to breath deeply.
  • Waist – Your waist is the narrowest area of your body. Don’t pull your stomach in!
  • Hips – The hips are at the lowest point below your waist.
  • High hip – This is also a hip measurement but it is taken at the top, not at its widest point.

Our body shape calculator provides more information on how to accurately take these measurements.

The best bikinis for an Hourglass

Your body shape should be an hourglass. This silhouette is balanced and naturally proportional. Your best assets are your well-defined waistline and legs.

You should wear the following:

  • Straps that run mid-way down the shoulder, and simple or stringy bikini bottoms. These minimalist bikinis will not distract from your gorgeous silhouette in your case.
  • Simple bottoms and strapless tops
  • Bikini sets with embellishments or ruffles that highlight your curves.
  • Matching patterns and colors on the top and bottom is a good idea. Avoid mixing colors as they can make your body appear disproportional.
  • Wrap waist swimsuits will increase your waist. Keep the color uniform across your bust and hips.

The best bikinis for an hourglass:

The top hourglass body type looks very similar to the regular one. Your bust is visible to be larger than your hips. You need to choose a bikini that flatters your waistline and balances both the top and bottom.

You should wear these as a top hourglass.

  • Triangle tops and halter tops in simple solid colors. They can be paired with patterned or embellished bottoms.
  • To optically balance your bust, opt for darker tops and lighter bikini pants.
  • Retro-style one-piece suits featuring a ruffle at the hips.
  • Tankinis can be paired with simple halter tops or ruffled bottoms.

The best bikinis for an hourglass (pear).

The bottom hourglass, also called the pear body, is defined by a prominently accentuated waistline and a bust visible smaller than the hips. You want to add volume to your upper body, while keeping the bottom of your swimsuit as simple as you can. To achieve a balanced silhouette, you should emphasize your waist.

You should wear the following:

  • You can enhance your upper body with embellished, ruffled or patterned tops that have wide-set straps. Push-up tops are also available for extra volume.
  • Tops of light colors can be worn with darker bottoms. High-coverage bottoms are best avoided as they can make your hips look wider.
  • One-piece swimsuits featuring wide-set straps, higher-cut legs and one-pieces.
  • Tankinis with light-colored, embellished, and padded tops. These tankinis look great with dark bottoms.

The best bikinis for a spoon

Your hips will appear more shelf-like if you are a spoon. Your lower legs and arms are your greatest assets, so show them off! Finding a bikini that doesn’t draw attention to your hips and tummy is the key to choosing the right one.

You should wear this as a spoon:

  • Tops with embellishments, ruffles, or patterns that draw attention to the upper body. Push-ups can be added volume by adding push-ups.
  • Tops in light colors with straps that run mid-way down the shoulder.
  • Bottoms with darker colors and no embellishments are better. For those who are feeling bold, choose bottoms that have a slight scoop.
  • Retro pin-up swimsuits are great for you! Choose one with a dark bottom and ruching at the waist.
  • Tankinis with empire waist tops will visually hide your stomach.

The best bikinis for a triangle

If you are a triangle, your upper and lower bodies will be very slim. Your hips will be wider than your shoulders. Your trick is to increase your upper body volume and decrease the emphasis on the hips. Your best assets should be highlighted – your legs, beautiful arms and flat stomach.

You should wear the following:

  • Tops with embellishments, ruffles, and patterns that draw attention to the upper body. These tops look best when worn with dark bottoms.
  • Swimwear with an A-line skirt, moderately deep cleavage and a swim dress
  • You will love these strapless bandeau bikini tops. For more volume, you can choose the padded versions.
  • Tankinis with empire waist tops and light-colored or ruffled breasts.

The best bikinis for an Inverted Triangle

Inverted triangles have a slim waist, a large bust, shoulders and hips, and a subtle waist. Swimsuits should emphasize the lower body, and minimize your bust.

You should wear the following:

  • Halter tops in solid colors with thick straps.
  • Dark, simple triangle tops in plain colors with embellished or side ties.
  • One-piece suits featuring cut-out sides and hip embellishments. These suits will give you an hourglass shape.
  • Tankinis can be paired with simple halter tops and plain or embellished bottoms.
  • Avoid strapless tops. You can show more of your body by wearing tiny string bikini bottoms.

The best bikinis for a rectangle (straight).

You can call this body type any number of names, including straight, rectangle, and boyish. Your body is proportional but not accentuated at the waist. Wearing form-fitting clothes around your waist is key to choosing the perfect bikini.

You should wear this as a rectangle:

  • Tops in light colors, patterns and ruffles with bows or ties are great. For extra volume, consider adding push-ups.
  • You can add volume to your hips with ruffled and skirted bottoms. Side ties and bottoms are also great.
  • Swimsuits in one-piece with a crisscross front, which makes your waist appear smaller.
  • Tankinis with embellishments at the hips and bust, and a dark-colored waist.

You can rock that look with no burns

Now that you have used our bikini calculator you can determine which types of bikinis will highlight your best features. You can’t help but head to the beach with a newfound confidence.

We do recommend that you wear something other than sunglasses and a sun hat. Use sunscreen that has a proper SPF every time you sunbathe. Our sunbathing calculator will show you how to safely tan and prevent skin burns.

Are you looking for another calculator to measure your body? Try our face calculator.


How do you choose the right bikini size for you?

You can find the right bikini for you by clicking here

  1. You can wear what you like. You can wear whatever bikini you want, even if it’s not the best.
  2. Measure yourself using a tape measure and take measurements in four places: your bust and waist, hip and hip.
  3. Take the measurements to determine what body type you are.
  4. Find out which bikini styles and types are most flattering for you.
  5. You can use the suggestion to discover new styles and types of bikinis, but it’s not a guide. You can choose what you like.

What kind of bikini should a pear-shaped woman wear?

Wearing a pear (or bottom-hourglass) body typed woman would be a benefit:

  • Tops for upper body enhancement – Look for patterns, ruffles and embellishments
  • One-piece swimsuit featuring higher-cut legs with wide-set straps.
  • Mixed color bikinis – Choose a lighter bottom and a darker top.
  • Plain, dark, low-waisted bottoms.

What body types are best suited for a high waisted bikini?

For women with proportionate torsos, the high-waisted bikini is extremely flattering. The wearer will appear shorter because of the horizontal line at the waist. A high waist bottom will improve your natural shape, especially if you have curves in the hip area. If you are more rectangular, your straightness will be highlighted.

You should remember that eventually you will just want a bikini you love!

What kinds of bikinis are good for petite women?

The best clothes for petite women at the beach are:

  • They will enhance the lengthening effect of your legs with their high-waisted and well-cut bottoms.
  • Take off the shoulder tops
  • One shoulder tops
  • Swimsuits in one-piece with high-cut
  • To visually increase height and lengthen the neck, use a deep v-cut neck.
  • Vertical stripes patterns.