How to Measure Your Bra Size at Home

Anybody who has ever worn a sloppy bra or the wrong size bra knows how it can ruin an outfit, or worse, an entire day. Large breasts can cause back pain and breast pain that is not to be laughed at. Finding the perfect set of undergarments is key. But it’s not easy.
Bra sizes vary widely between brands. A C-cup in one store may be a D cup in another. Some bra sizes can shrink or grow (especially in the band size) over time. It is best to measure your bust using these easy measurements. This will allow you to find the perfect amount of support and ensure that your bra fits perfectly in the band.

It can be not easy to know how to measure your bra size. However, knowing your measurements and keeping them in a note on your smartphone or anywhere else that you have easy access to when you feel the need will make shopping for bras so much easier, especially online. You don’t need much equipment to measure bra size. A tape measure and sometimes will do the trick. Knowing how to measure your bust can make it easier to adjust to breast changes (from weight loss or gain, hormone fluctuations, pregnancy, etc.) much more stress-free.

It shouldn’t take too much to determine your bra size. This guide will make managing irregular bra cup sizes (yes, even sports bras!) a breeze. Achy, sore breasts caused by ill-fitting bras should also be eliminated.

Are you wearing the right bra size?

These are signs you might not be wearing the correct bra size. You can change your bra size due to weight loss, a new exercise routine, pregnancy, or a change in diet. You can either visit a professional bra fitter or use the measuring tape to measure your bra size yourself.