How To Find Lingerie For Your Body Type

There are many sizes and shapes that women can have. This makes every woman unique. There are so many choices; it can be difficult to know which category you belong to. This will help you to choose the best lingerie for you.

Lingerie Types

Lingerie is designed to flatter the female body. This comprehensive guide to lingerie caters to all body types.

Matching sets

A matching set is a bra and pant matching, just like the name suggests. This feminine, flirty approach to lingerie works well for any body type.

Garter Belt

Garter belts are seductive and will make your man fall in love with you. This belt is usually made of delicate or lace.


The meaning and symbolism of the corset have changed over time. The balance of power has changed in recent years. Corsets are both seductive and commanding. It is placed below the woman’s chest and extends to her hips. They have to bone along their seams and laces up the back for a fresh, modern look.


Similar to a corset, the bustier enhances the hourglass figure of the female body. This is a great option for smaller breasts or women with a rectangular shape.


You can bring your pet teddy bear to your bedroom. You can find it in mesh, leather and mesh, and many other fabrics, cuts, and styles.


In France, the nightgown was first introduced in the 18th century. It is associated with romance and femininity.


These babydolls are flattering for women with inverted-triangle bodies. This delicate, lightweight dress is great for curvier women.


This beautiful silky camisole is flattering and comfortable to wear. This camisole is perfect for summer nights and sleepovers.


The chemise is a feminine and delicate choice for lingerie and sleepwear. The chemise is a simple, short dress that falls from the shoulders.

Stocking of Body

This one-piece, tight garment runs from tips to the toes down to the neck.

Body Suit

The bodysuit is similar to teddies and rompers but is made of lingerie.


The classic brassiere, or bra, has been a staple of women’s lingerie since its inception. The push-up will create the illusion of having a bigger bust.


The elegant slip is a very popular everyday item. It’s also great for women with rectangle and hourglass figures.


A romper is lingerie’s equivalent to a playsuit. It’s fun and youthful. Look for rompers with details. For example, delicate lace around the waist or frills along your chest.


A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that can be added to any lingerie set. It can also be used as a fashionable upgrade to your fluffy, fluffy dress gown. It’s light and sensual.

Thong / G.String

Thongs can be a fun alternative to traditional underwear. Thongs can be a fun alternative to traditional underwear.

Seamless Panties

If you have ever worn tight-fitting clothing such as leggings or wrap bandeau dresses, then you will be familiar with the frustration of underwear showing. These pants are made of one piece of fabric, eliminating the appearance of sagging.

V-Cut Panties

V-cut panties are flattering for women with apple-shaped bodies.

Seamless Bra

The seamless bra, similar to seamless panties, will keep your silhouette slim and clean when worn with tight little black dresses. The cups are heat-pressed to form the bra.

Push-Up Bra

Push-up bras can increase volume in your bedroom. It is important to choose the right size for your piece.

Boy shorts

This underwear looks great on all shapes of women.


Sometimes, we want cheese and ice cream. It’s all about living and enjoying life.

Stick-On Bra

Backless dresses are extremely trendy. Stick-on bras stick to the breasts to increase cleavage and support them. They are usually made of silicone, but they can also be made of lighter materials. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to wear.

Lingerie for Body Types

Now let’s talk about shapes after we have covered the ABC’s of lingerie. Get your geometry books out because now it’s time for you to study the hourglass shape, rectangle, and inverted triangle.


This body type is similar to the hourglass-shaped, sandy-filled one. Hourglass figures look amazing in matching sets, thongs and v-cut trousers.


J-Lo’s coveted curves can often be found in triangle-shaped ladies.