Although it’s not a dramatic statement, a life lived in ill-fitting bras can make you miserable. Let’s face it, the wrong bra can ruin an outfit and ruin your day.

It’s not always easy to shop for bras. However, bras that are worth the investment can be a worthwhile purchase. It can be difficult to find the right bra for you, especially if it’s been a while since you bought one. These bra shopping rules will ensure that you don’t suffer again in a poor bra.

1. Have your measurements taken by a professional

All women should have their bras sized at least once per year or after any significant bodily changes. While it is smart to be able to measure your bra size yourself, it’s a good idea to have someone else do this for you.

2. At Least 5 Everyday Bras That You Love

Yes, five! Although it may seem excessive, having a variety of bras can help each bra last longer. Women make the most common bra mistake of wearing the same bra every day, or even more than once a week. The spandex will be stretched if you wear too much, so it is important to have a variety of bras for long-lasting bras.

3. Choose Quality over Looks

While it’s fun to have cute bras on special occasions, don’t let your looks fool you. Even though stronger, quality materials often carry a higher price tag, it’ll always be a worthwhile investment–especially if you’re anything larger than a C cup.

4. You should not just focus on the size of the cup, but the feel of the band.

Although you might not be aware, most of your bra support should be provided by a tight band. You can gauge the snugness of the band by wearing it on the loosest hook. The band should allow one finger to slide under the bra. The band will lose elasticity as time passes. Adjust by using the tighter hooks. Your rib cage should be perfectly level with the band. Your bra can ride up your back and cause soft flesh to bulge. ).

5. Avoid minimizer bras

Minimizing bras may not be the right choice for everyone. A minimizer bra will reduce breast tissue and increase the surface area of breasts, which is exactly what you do not want. However, a quality bra with sufficient lift and support will help to reduce your chest area.

6. Find out where Underwire Discomfort comes from

There are a few things that can affect where and how the underwire hits. Are your breasts being pushed in by the underwire? A larger cup size might be necessary. If the underwire is affecting the skin beneath your breasts, you might need to reduce the band size.

7. Know your proportions

How should your breasts look in relation to your body? There are no rules here, and everyone’s figure is different. However, here are some guidelines. A bra that fits well should keep your breasts in line with your body.

Find out which bras are best for big boobs and what bra sizes to choose from.

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