Why DD isn’t the biggest size cup size ever

What are you thinking of when someone mentions DD boobs to you? Are you thinking of Pamela Anderson’s enviable DD boobs? Are you thinking of models and playboy bunnies with large boobs that are hard to conceal in their bras, or do you think about playboy bunnies? …..Yes? Sadly, you can’t blame yourself for believing this, but it’s completely false. You have been taught that DD means the largest size and only applies to those with melon-sized breasts. But, in reality, this is not the case.

There are two steps to reverse this loss. Understanding bra sizes is the first step. DD must be paired with a band to determine your exact cup volume. Second, DD cup sizes (there are many of them – please refer to the first point) don’t matter in the grand scheme. This is because they are not that large, and women are wearing the wrong size constantly.

What does a DD-cup size look like?

Like people, boobs can be different, so there will be differences. However, a properly fitted DD cup breast should not be alarmingly large and is often mistaken for smaller.

Below is an image of a woman wearing a Curvy Kate cup bra in the 8D size. That is exactly what a D-cup looks like. Before anyone asks, how can we tell? Curvy Kate stocks bras only in D+, so this must be at least a D cup. Plus, the blogger is the right size.

It is important to note that cup volume increases with the size of the bras attached, so bra sizes will vary depending on the number of bands they are paired with. Below is a diagram:

As you can see, the DD breast of a woman wearing an 8-band size is smaller than that of a woman wearing a 16-band size. This ensures that ‘DD’ looks fairly the same across all body sizes, making it difficult to know what a DD looks like.

From years of bra fitting and dealing with bras, we know that many women think that because they have large boobs, they must be a size DD. They select the right cup size and then find the perfect back size. This is a mistake. You should first find the right band size and then work your way up the cup scale until you find what you like best.

This might cause some women to reevaluate their bra sizes. Is your bra size DD? Do you have a smaller back and a larger cup to match? You could be mistaken, so double-check the stats.