This Ridiculously Soft Bra Is So Comfortable, I Even Wear It to Sleep

I don’t recall the last time I wore a bra to bed. Bras are uncomfortable enough that I don’t look forward to removing them again. They can feel constricting enough to feel like a reduced version of corsets, but at their worst they can be too tight and restrictive to allow sweaters and shirts to show through. I would never, ever wear one in the daytime.

But a few weeks back, I totally forgot that I had on a bra when I fell asleep after a long work day. It wasn’t until I got out of bed the next morning that I realized I was still wearing the True Body Lift V Neck bra with Soft Form Band from True and Co. It was no surprise that True and Co’s newest addition to their wildly popular line is so soft and comfortable that I have worn it almost every day since getting it. This bra is my favorite bra that I wear all day and all night.

True and Co is well-known for its soft, flattering bras and wide range of sizes. But the Soft Form Band bra is a big breakthrough for the brand. This is the company’s first new fabric since its True Body collection launched. It is also the most comfortable bra the brand has ever made. The Soft Form Band bra combines the wireless support of True Body Lift bras, which are great for larger chests, with the Soft Form Band knit fabric. It lays flat even when worn under tight shirts.

The Soft Form Band bra is so soft and breathable that I don’t feel it at all around my ribcage. Some bralettes, even if wireless, can easily roll up and ride up my torso while I’m sitting down. True and Co’s bra isn’t known for this annoying trait. The True and Co bra doesn’t slip, ride up, or constrict my ribs whether I’m at my desk all day, or when I’m doing physical therapy exercises.

It’s also a problem when wireless bras make my chest look like pancakes. But True and Co’s Soft Form Bra isn’t that. The bra gives my breasts great definition and lift. I have worn it under almost every outfit I have worn in the last few weeks. My V-Neck bra is still in great condition despite multiple washes. True and Co’s Soft Form Band collection will be my first choice if I ever need another bra. Nordstrom has True and Co’s stunning bra.