Rio Mens hipster briefs

Rio Mens hipster briefs

Your men’s underwear should not be worn unless you are a) David Gandy, or b) one those guys who have to go too far and strip on a night out. But that doesn’t mean that you have the right to wear whatever overly-tight, greying underwear you want. Underwear matters, just like loungewear does.

It’s not enough to be lucky and get hit by a bus. You should also pay attention to the underwear. The perfect men’s underwear collection will make you feel great and stop your boxers from thinking of ways to move further north than your pants.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about how to keep your underwear in order. It turns out, your mom doesn’t know all the answers. This is not the case.


There are many significant moments in men’s lives, including weddings, graduations, and having children. But none more important than the first time they choose their own underwear.

What worked for you as a prepubescent is not the best option now. Your body has changed. Your needs have changed. There’s a better fit somewhere. More supportive. More flattering.


“This is the traditional front of the Y. Although it’s not for everyone, it provides great support and a snug fit. It’s especially good for large men.


Francis says that traditional boxer shorts provide maximum coverage, comfort, and breathability, but can sometimes bunch up and ride up so they don’t work well with slim pants.

“[Look for] a more flattering, modern cut that will work well with slimmer leg-wear. They will compliment any body shape and are both flattering AND extremely comfortable.


These are a more recent style, and have the most basic silhouette. They can be worn under slim-fit pants. They are a perfect fit for men with slimmer legs. They sit just above the hip and cut across the mid-thigh.

M&S warns you to be careful with “hipster” styles. They sit low and are best worn with tucked-in shirts. You could end up with an intimate breeze if you bend down.


These are a mix of the boxer short and trunk. They sit at the waist and have a slightly longer leg. They are universally flattering and versatile so they are the best option. They are especially good for people with larger buttocks.


“If you have ever tried running in baggy boxers, then we understand. Athletic underwear has special requirements. It must keep you in place while being breathable enough for sweaty gym sessions.