Modibodi Swim Wear

One of my first blog posts was about more sustainable and healthy ways of having a period. 

My favorite reusable period product is period-proof underwear. They’re much more environmentally friendly than disposable pads or tampons, and I find them more comfortable than menstrual cups and reusable pads.

Period-proof swimwear is something I support. Since swimwear for menstruation became popular, I have given up completely using my cup. It was not something I liked, so I am glad there are healthier and more waste-free alternatives.

This review is based on my experience with the brand Modibodi. It will answer your questions about period swimwear and period panties. There are many period underwear brands, including Ruby Love and Thinx, but Modibodi is the only brand I can speak to. They’re great, and I don’t have to look elsewhere!

Modibodi provided me with some period swimwear to review in exchange for an honest review. Here are my thoughts. I don’t publish any pre-written text or seek approval from anyone.

Modibodi review #1 – Leakproof underwear review

I’ve been wearing menstrual underwear from Modibodi for over four years at home and while traveling overseas. I feel more confident with my Period. These are much easier to transport than traditional menstrual cups; they’re easy to maintain and comfortable.

Modibodi is also recommended in my Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide, which includes many other gift ideas that are eco-friendly and ethical. For more information on how they are so great, I was hoping you could read the article and check out my gift guide for some socially responsible and eco-friendly inspiration.

What does period underwear look like?

All brands seem to have the idea of combining a reusable pad and knickers/panties to create leakproof underwear. My experience with many brands of washable pads for menstruation shows that Period briefs are much more comfortable.

Modibodi comes in a variety of absorbencies. They all have a moisture-wicking top layer and absorbent middle and bottom layers. The waterproof bottom provides leakproof protection.

I have never had a leak in more than four years of using Modibodi to manage my menstrual cycles. So I can confirm that they are doing a great job.

Can period underwear be worn for other purposes?

Yes, Modibodi’s period knickers can be used to treat bladder leaks and discharge and for backup for other menstrual products like cups or tampons.

Modibodi underwear is safe and comfortable if you have to protect your skin from leakage from other products. Modibodi is a good choice for women with very large flows. They feel safe and protected from any leaks.

How does leakproof underwear feel?

The majority of absorbencies feel the same as regular underwear. Heavy flow absorbencies feel slightly more cushioned than regular underwear, but not as much as disposable or reusable pads. They’re also smoother than disposable pads and soft. They are also more comfortable than ever, with flatter seams.

This was one of my first pairs of Modibodi heavy-absorbing underwear. They are comfortable to wear, but the latest version is more comfortable. They are still in excellent condition even after 50 years of use.

Modibodi heavy period underwear. They are now fully stitched and even more comfortable.

It was a strange feeling for some women, including me, to be able to bleed into their underwear for the first time freely. It’s a different feeling, especially when using tampons and menstrual cups. It’s nice not to have to plug up. It feels more natural, but I can understand why others prefer cups or tampons.

Does your reusable underwear need to be changed throughout the day?

No, not like a pad. The heavy absorbency is used on my most difficult days. They last me for the entire day and even overnight. After a long day of heavy flow, I like to shower quickly and change into a new pair.

Modibodi has a heavy absorbency of 20ml. This is equal to three to four tampons or four teaspoons. Although it doesn’t seem like much, it has been sufficient for me to last a whole day or night during my heavy days. I have never had to change mine during the day.