Bras and things

Bras and things

The brand Enchanted is all about detail. It’s all about premium styles and luxurious features that encourage everyone to express their feminine side. Learn more about the brand, and the stunning styles, as well as a, peek at the creative process behind the creation of these gorgeous pieces.

Enchanted is a brand that emphasizes finer details, such as delicate lace, soft pastels and beautiful floral patterns. It offers a variety of styles that encourage self-love. Each design has a feminine vibe and is boho-chic. Enchanted is now available in sizes G and 18 and in a variety of designs and shapes.

What would you say about Enchanted?

Over the past year, Enchanted has changed and we have rewritten its handwriting. The brand has a feminine, flirty and pretty aesthetic that is a little boho. The brand is fond of soft pastels, washed-tones, and garden flowers that are woven together in rich and delicate embroidery. You’ll find many signature features throughout the collections, including romantic bows, large picot trimmings, soft frills, and sparkly trinkets. This brand is designed for women who love beautiful lingerie.

What would you use to describe how your handwriting has changed?

We have tapped into a flirty, feminine look and feel. Our colour palette has changed a lot. We’re using multi-tone laces, embroideries and embroidery to make our colours more interesting, while also using complementary colours to create a premium, elevated look. Full cup is a brand focus that we are now putting more emphasis on than ever before. This was a great opportunity for us and we want to grab this customer by offering them an Enchanted bra that is perfect for their needs.

What trends/inspirations have helped shape your sub-brand’s design?

No surprise Bridgerton is one of our latest inspirations. It’s been a lot fun to take classic romantic elements and make them modern. The brand seeks inspiration from travel and bohemian lifestyles, fantasy, and the cottage core trend.

What do you want someone else to feel when they wear an Enchanted piece of jewelry?

Every design is designed with the custom in mind. Each detail and element is taken into consideration when designing. We want our customers to feel confident. We also want our customers to have fun with our designs. Every collection was designed with the purpose of the individual dressing up to feel good. It is feminine, playful and not too serious.

What are your favorite Enchanted pieces, aside from Biasness?

It is difficult! It’s probably Perpetual Feminity. This range includes beautiful, rich-toned lace in multiple colors and sparkly hardware.

Soft Savannah is another favorite. The romantic, richly colored floral embroidery on a sheer background is my favorite. It adds a playful touch to the piece. It has a soft outline that gives it a sketch-like appearance.