Backless bras for big busts

Backless bras for big busts

Imagine yourself walking along the shore or in the middle of town wearing an open-back dress and letting the breeze cool you. You’ll lose your sense of calm, even if the same breeze reminds you that you’re wearing an industrial ‘nude bra’ that’s not as noticeable as its colour!

You don’t have to compromise your style if you are blessed with D+ cups. We have the answer if you are looking for a dress or top with a backless design but don’t know how to wear it with your F-cup breasts. We know how difficult it is to find the perfect bra. If you have larger breasts, stick-on bras and going bra-less are not options.

Flaunt it

Sizes 8-20, D-G cup

Treat your bra as an accessory if it’s visible. Choose colours that match your clothes. Wearing your favourite strapless bra is another Bravatip. You can cover the band with a beautiful lace bandeau. You can cover the back band, add support, and fashion accessories to your look. We love the Prima Dolce Divine Strapless Bra and the Fantasie Silking Strapless bra.

You can also look for a bra that has a beautiful back-band. We aren’t going to deny that comfort and fit should not be the top priority. If it is comfortable and fits, it might be “The One”.

Freya Fancies Plunge Bra | Sizes 6-16, D-G cup | Seasonal Colours

Our Freya Fancies Plunge Bra has a stunning gated back that provides support and uplift. It is also fashionable for open-back and lower-back clothes. The elegant, subtle and current thin back band is stylish.

Strapless for low back

You could also try a strapless-bustierLe Mystere’s Sensuelle Bustier features one of our lowest back bands. This bustier is available in black or white and ranges from 10D through 16E. For a stunning shape, the cups have underwire contouring.

Le Mystere Sensuelle Bustier | Sizes 10-16, D-F cup | Ivory & Black

Confidence is the key to sexiness

You can now go shopping without being restricted by the price of the dress you like. Are you still unsure? Confidence makes you more attractive. It is important to forget about what other people think. For those of you who are still striving to love yourself, these tips will inspire you to try beautiful backless outfits regardless of your size.