Why are my bra straps falling down?

Many people have asked us about bra straps. We were recently asked a lot of questions on social media. We hear your cries for help. So we thought we would share some common reasons your bra straps may not fit correctly and what we believe you should do. We start with…

1 The straps aren’t at the right length

This is the most common reason why your straps may not fit. Bras have adjustable straps that can be tailored to your body. Adjusters can be problematic because most women adjust their bras once they purchase them. However, many don’t return to adjust them again. Remember that your bra sliders can move slightly every time you wear them. This means that bras should be adjusted to maintain their shape every few wears. Two-finger tension means that you can comfortably fit two fingers under your strap without them digging in or falling.

2 Short shoulders

Although it may sound absurd, everybody is unique, and there is a possibility that the distance between your breasts and the tops of your shoulders can vary from one person to the next. Some bra straps might not be suitable for someone with a shorter distance between the top of the shoulders and your boobs. This can be solved by choosing bras with fully adjustable straps over partially adjustable ones. The bra shown below has embroidery on its straps. This reduces adjustability and works well with larger breasts and shoulders. The bra on the right has adjustable straps.

3) Narrow shoulders

Another characteristic that can make it difficult to find the perfect bra for you is your narrow shoulders. It cannot be easy to find a bra with enough wires and straps to hold it in place if you have large breasts but narrow shoulders. You can either use a J-clip to attach your bra straps in the middle of your back or opt for a multi-way bra that allows the straps to be fastened in different ways.

These are the three foolproof ways to prevent your bra straps from falling. Hurray!