True Curv Super Support for Super Women!

Who doesn’t want to feel extra loved? Zivame’s True Curv Range offers you tons of unconditional love in lightweight bras that provide support, comfort and lift.

Let’s begin by answering the most frequently asked question: Who is True Curv?

True Curv is designed with this in mind

  1. Larger busts and a wider body frame
  2. Larger busts and a wider body frame are the result of a larger body frame
  3. Lean body frames that have larger busts
  4. Profiles of sagging breasts

Today, we’ll be diving into the core product of True Curv- our Super Support bra!

This bra is unique and offers 4-way support. It also has comfortable, non-stretch cut cups that are sewn to keep you feeling uplifted. Full-figure support is available in sizes 32DD through 44FF without the worry of spillage.

The super support bra is the best choice.

We are curious to know why. It’s because every curvy woman wants to fall in love and this bra is perfect for that.

Super Support Bras are made from –

  1. Cotton fabric – To provide all-day comfort in humid conditions
  2. Polyester fabric – This is non-stretchable and has zero breast bounce
  3. Lace fabric – Made for special occasions, but without sacrificing comfort

These unique features include wide, adjustable padded straps with cushioning and cushioning that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Zivame’s Super Support Bras are water-wicking and made from quick-drying fabric. They will keep you cool all day. This seamless design gives you a flattering silhouette underneath any outfit.

The Super Support bra ensures there is no spillage from the neckline and armhole areas. The soft and extra-wide straps are soft and comfortable, and help prevent sore shoulders. The wide wings and back help smoothen back bulges. The bra has a wide bottom elastic that can be adjusted to fit all sizes, and wider cushioned straps which provide superior support for larger breasts.