Top Tips Lingerie Lovers Should Know

We want you to feel confident and sexy before you embark on your quest to find the most flattering lingerie. We are your confidante…

1. Comfort is key

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your lingerie is, if it isn’t fitted properly, it will be difficult to wear for long periods of time. It is likely that you will only wear it once, and then it will go into storage.

The term “bust support” is a key word that provides maximum comfort. Soft brushed elastic under your bust and elastic contouring your neckline are features that have been highly sought-after for a long time.

2. Know your body type

Knowledge is power. When searching for the perfect piece of lingerie, it is important to know your body type. You can share your gorgeous curves with Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce if you’re a pear shape. Flared bias-cut skirts with contrasting colours stretch lace will flatter your curves. Dramatizing the effect is a deep neckline and defined waist. To lengthen your legs, if you’re more petite than Ariana Grande (who is compact and petite), then spaghetti straps will work well. Your classic pin-up girl, with a nipped waistline and full curves, will be the envy of all. You will feel like a queen in flowing kimono sleeves with a wrap front neckline that highlights your cleavage. Show off your best features girl!

It can be difficult to choose the right body shape for you, given all the different body types. This blog post will help you identify your body type and the celebrity to whom you can share it.

3. Show off your best features

Lingerie is not only about feeling confident, but also highlighting your best qualities. You will never fail to find your strengths if you learn to use them. Then, focus on the things you want to emphasize and then do it.

When you show your partner what you are wearing behind the scenes, let their imaginations run wild. Your best features will be highlighted by an open back and criss-crossed straps. It’s a party at the back.

Deep-necks are a great way to showcase your bust. This Morgan Iconic Bust Support Silk Chemise is the perfect choice.

For long, straight legs that you love, choose chemises that rise a little above your knees and have a high bust to create the illusion of endless legs.

Your booty is one of the best assets you can show off! It’s okay to flaunt it! You can do it with something simple and brief.

4. Suit Your Style

Your signature look should be sweet and sensuous, or bold and risque.


A soft pink chemise is a good choice if you’re romantic and angelic. You have a lot of lingerie that embodies your feminine and sweet personality, including lace and pastel tones.

Your closet should be your “back to basics” wardrobe. Your lingerie should be practical, neutral-toned, and without frills. You value quality and believe that less is more.

As you stroll down the streets or into the office, people turn their heads. You are proud of your refined exterior and know that there is no such thing. Because it makes you feel luxurious and royal, silk and lace will be the only fabrics you wear in lingerie.

You are fashion-conscious and don’t mind wearing loud prints. Your fun-loving personality makes you the center of attention at all events. Lingerie that is body conscious, bright and not too revealing, shows this.

Don’t be afraid to show what you have. You radiate confidence and it is empowering. You will find lingerie in your drawer that is made from cut-out pieces and sheer material.

5. It is important to consider the size of your business

This is an obvious fact, but not a secret. It can cause discomfort, which is certainly not a good feeling. The perfect fit should show off your curves. Every brand has its own size chart so be sure to check before you buy lingerie online.

6. Get to know your Textures

You have many choices when it comes choosing a texture. When lingerie is closest to your body, don’t settle for less. We have compiled the most important information to help you make a decision before making one.

Silk is extremely luxurious, light and comfortable. Silk is more difficult to wash but absorbs moisture well.

Latex is flexible, durable, and temperature neutral. It is expensive and doesn’t relieve pressure.

Microfiber has many advantages, including being comfortable, soft, breathable, and drying quickly. Good airflow is possible because of the yarns used in weaving the fabric.

Rayon is very absorbent and drapes well. However, it needs to be washed with care and it loses its strength when wet.

Nylon is an ideal fabric for lingerie because it is elastic, durable, and non-absorbent. Nylon is easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for busy women.

Cotton is soft and very comfortable. Cotton is a natural fiber, making it breathable and reducing the risk of bacterial infections.

Lycra spandex is flexible and molds to your skin, making it great for anyone who has fluctuating weights.

7. Choose Your Colour

It can be difficult to choose the right colour. It is important to choose the right colour tones for your skin tone. If you have a dark hair color, such as blonde or darker brown, and your skin is yellowish, then choose warm colours like oranges, reds and golden yellow. Warmer greens and blues are your go-to colours, as well as red-purples. Jessica Alba would be proud of you as skin-tone twins.

Your cool colour family includes bright blue, jewel tone colours and lavender if your hair is dark to light brown. Warm colours include shocking pink, cerise and ruby as well as bright roses. Cate Blanchett, your celebrity skin tone doppelganger. This colour guide will make it easier for you to choose the right color.

The second is to think about the occasion. Second, think about the occasion. Is it sweet and romantic, a night of romance, or appropriate streetwear? We recommend that you have a neutral palette for everyday wear. However, we also recommend bright colors and patterns for those times when you feel more adventurous. Dress to impress and choose wisely.

8. Right Occasion, Right Lingerie

What are your Friday night plans for Friday? Perhaps it’s time for you to be bold and bring your favorite skinny jeans, pumps and lace camisole. Add a black leather jacket to complete the look and you are sure to have a great night out with your friends.

You can also go out enjoying the day. It’s a hot trend to transform lingerie into streetwear. Who doesn’t want to feel confident about their multi-purpose wardrobe? To elevate your daytime style, choose a chemise or gown that can be worn from the sheets to the streets. You can give it a casual look by pairing it with a white T or casual converse sneakers. Our Glamazon Gown was embraced by Pandora Sykes and Alexa Chung.

You can’t go wrong with slipping on lingerie to enjoy a romantic evening in with your partner. Your sweetheart will want you to feel confident in your skin so be yourself! They won’t resist a gorgeous lingerie set, or a sheer baby doll.

9. Get back to basics

Because they are always there for you, basic will be your best friend forever. You can conquer the world by having one set or piece you can pull out at any time. Learn the new Double C rule for your basics: Comfortable, Confident.

These nine Lingerie 101 tips will make it easy and fun to find your next lingerie!