The Best Underwear to Fit Your Body Shape

Today we will be discussing a topic I am often asked about… underwear.

Let’s get to it.

As you know, I am passionate about finding the perfect bra and ensuring they fit correctly. I seldom talk about underwear. There’s a reason.

It isn’t easy.

Because fewer variables are involved in bras, it is easier to offer advice. There are also more objective rules.

Underwear must be tailored to your body, including the size of your booty, how much coverage you want, what fabric is best for you, and the desired level of support and smoothing.

What do you want from your underwear?

Bras are a bit more scientific to me than underwear. Sometimes it takes more trial and error before you get it right.

Today I will share my top underwear tips. Your job is to find the pieces that you like and then practice. You can’t learn anything unless you put it to use.

Let’s begin by deciding what your underwear should do for you. Everyone has different goals, and it’s okay. It is important to understand what you are looking for to find the best clothes for you. Do you want your underwear to look beautiful and sexy? A lingerie drawer may look very different to someone who needs full coverage and comfort.

There is no right or wrong priority. You can buy sexy, tiny undies if you have a bump that has been subject to some gravitational pull and maybe a bit more fluff than your heart desires. You may have the booty of a Lululemon model, but you are more concerned about shaping and coverage.

Today I will be talking about underwear. Most people want to know how to find flattering underwear.

Basic Underwear Styles


Bikinis are low at the hips and high on the legs. They provide moderate to minimal coverage at the back. Some cover the entire back, while others show some cheekbones. Others provide a bit more coverage. There are also string bikinis, which have the sides replaced with thin fabric or elastic. Although bikinis are the most popular type of underwear, they don’t suit all body types. Bikinis are not the best choice if your body isn’t firm and has no trouble spots. They don’t provide enough support or coverage and can cause lines and bumps you don’t want.


These are for full coverage. They are high up on the stomach and have a full back and low leg openings. These were once known as Granny panties. However, in recent years they have made a retro revival.

High-Leg Brief

This is a version of the classic short with a higher leg opening, same high waist and same full-back.


A second version of the classic short with the same low leg openings as the classic and full back, but with a shorter rise.


Boyshorts are similar to the shorts worn by volleyball players. They are low- to mid-rise and have low leg openings.


Thongs are last but not least. These thongs can be low or high-rise, with varying degrees of coverage on the sides and none at the back. A thong doesn’t need to be described. They are easy to identify.

Common Problems with Underwear

A woman may have a problem with her underwear because of how it fits or how it is made for her body.

Underwear that is too tight around the back is the first problem. 

You could have the wrong style but the right size. Or you could need more coverage, such as a hipster rather than a bikini.

Underwear that rolls or falls are the second problems. 

A cami or shapewear roll-up means it’s too small. If it falls, your underwear may be too large or the wrong style. Either size down, or you can look for a more high-rise style with wider elastic at its top.

The last major issue is the muffin top. 

Underwear that is not uncomfortable, not creeping or pinching elsewhere, is likely to be a rising problem. The problem is that the underwear hits a soft spot and causes spillage. You can go higher or lower.