How to Choose Swimsuit According to Body Type

Sometimes, finding the right swimwear can be harder than finding the right jeans. Swimwear is so tight that it hugs and pulls at our bodies, highlighting every curve. Finding the right fabric and the correct shape is key to finding the perfect swimwear. It is possible to find swimwear that looks and feels great. These are some of the things you should keep in mind.

1. For trimming your waist, shirring and gathers are your best friends. You should look for pieces that have gathers on one side. You can also use draping that falls on the belly or side insets made of mesh or other light fabrics. These distract from the waistline.

2 Swimwear with an inbuilt demi-cut bra and underwire is necessary to increase your bustline. You can enhance your bust by choosing swimsuits that have bold details at the bust like sweetheart necklines or halter necklines.

3. To minimize bustline, it is important to choose a swimwear with enough support to prevent sagging. You can distract from the large bust by choosing a swimsuit that has horizontal stripes or prints that just touch the top of the bust. Small prints and light colors work well.

4. To reduce your hips, black is the best slimmer. What is more effective than black? Make a conscious use of black. You can make a one-piece swimwear with a brightly coloured top and contrasting black body. You can also use dark colours such as blue or grey. You should be careful with the fabric. It is not a good idea to use small-sized fabrics on big backs.

5 To make your torso appear longer, always wear a two-piece suit. Avoid all black (or any other dark color) and opt for bright colors. Anything with thin vertical stripes will look amazing.

Tankinis are great for anyone, regardless of their body type. You get a tank top and a bikini-like separate. These are extremely comfortable and you can choose your tank top or bikini shorts separately.