Everything You Should Keep In Mind When Buying A Swimsuit

Yasmin Geurts, model, said that a good bathing suit is like a true love at first sight. We couldn’t agree more. It can be hard to choose the right swimsuit for you and find your perfect one. We asked women who are knowledgeable about swimsuits to give us some tips and tricks to help you make your summer swimsuit shopping easier. It comes down to three main things: fit, confidence, purpose, quality, and price.


Pro surfer Dominique Miller recommends that you always test the bathing suit before purchasing. Sometimes, it will look better on your body than on your body. Dominique states that a bikini should be snug, but not too tight. This is because it expands when it gets wet. Chloe Vero, a model, says that too loose a swimsuit can cause it to drag down, and can sometimes make it unflattering. Yasmin Geurts is a model who prefers vintage silhouettes and likes to try on bathing suits. Is it tight? Does it pinch?

Kit Keenan likes the flexibility of string bikinis, but she recognizes that they can be difficult to wear for larger chests. She suggests sporty shapes with thicker straps which are more adaptable for different body types. “At the end, who wants to be constantly worrying about if they’re fawning strangers at the beaches?”

Shay Johnson and Paula Hess, who own Dos Swim, a new swim brand, state that “it is important to pay attention how the back looks and the rise on the leg openings to elongate your legs.” Designers prefer high-rise styles to avoid making your hips or waistline look wider.

Designers of Swimsuits For All, Stephanie Ivulic, and Kate Blodgett said, “Bust support can be important to fit and really depends on style and shape of suit.” They added, “For example, a string bikini won’t provide as much support than a thicker straphalter with underwire. These are important things to remember when you think about the proper fit.

Because Chloe is two sizes smaller than the bottom, she often buys swimsuits that don’t come as a set. Stephanie and Kate also advise that you don’t obsess about the size, but how the suit fits you. Every company has its own sizing and fit standards so swimsuits are usually a size smaller than regular clothing.

Confidence and Purpose

Confidence is another important factor. It’s important that you pay attention to how you feel after trying on a bathing suit. Dominique states, “You can tell when a bikini fits you because it catches the eye immediately. You can also look in the mirror to see if it makes you feel confident and happy.” Yasmin asks herself the same question. A good bathing suit should make her feel like she is “racing down the highway in Bond movies.”

Melanie Travis, founder and CEO of Andie Swim, says comfort and confidence in swimwear can be different for different women. “For me, I honestly want to forget that I’m wearing a swimsuit so that I can just live in the moment without worrying about anything.”

Chloe claims she loves to wear whatever makes it feel good. She knows when a bathing suit feels right on her skin and she can feel confident in wearing it. You’ll want it in every color if it does.

Another thing to consider is the type of activities that you will be engaging in while wearing your swimsuit. Kit, for example, prefers a string bikini to tan, but she will go for a surf in a full-length piece with thick straps and long sleeves. Stephanie and Kate agree that it is important to think about what you will do with the suit. Do you plan to surf, paddle-board, run after your children or take photos at the pool? A suit you intend to use for active activities will provide more support and coverage than one that’s more comfortable for lounging. Consider your body type to determine the coverage and support you are most comfortable with.

Melanie points out that different activities may require different features in a swimsuit. For lap swimming, Melanie recommends Andie Swims’ Catalina. However, for a nice bronze look, Melanie opts for a two-piece with removable straps like the Valencia.

Quality and Price

Dominique said, “You want your bikini to be washable or can be used in the pool or ocean.” She bought a few because she thought they were cute but they broke easily or ripped quickly and weren’t built to last. She only purchases what she can afford when it comes down to price. She says, “Don’t spend too much to get a cute bikini.” Dominique recommends brands like Roxy, O’Neill and Rip Curl. Prices range from $30 to $100. Paula and Shay say that a $300 swimsuit does not necessarily make a good one. They also check to see if brands are posting images of different body types on social media.

Price doesn’t always signify quality. Melanie says that some brands are more expensive because of their brand names. Some brands need to mark up because they use an old model with many middle men before the suit reaches you. We are a vertically integrated brand that sells directly to consumers. There are no middlemen at Andie so you can get designer-level swimsuits at a reasonable price.

Melanie believes that quality swimwear is all about the details. Look at the stitching and the compression. These should feel sturdy and clean. She also recommends that a suit be properly cared for to ensure it lasts many years. We recommend that you rinse your suit with cold water immediately after wearing it. While hand washing is recommended, don’t dry your swimsuit in the dryer. Quality suits can be treated with love.