Clear Bathing Suits

Let’s face it, the experience of changing in a changing room is not enough to help with the delicate task of trying on a bathing suit. Online ordering allows you to try on swimwear at your leisure and opens up new options that may better suit your style preferences, budget, and body. However, buying a swimsuit online without trying it on first can be daunting. You will need to rely on a size guide to determine the right fit and take a chance with a cut that is unfamiliar. This article contains all the information you need to ensure that your next swimsuit is successful online.

How can I determine my size online?

If you have ever had to deal with sizing issues in the swimsuit department, please share your experience. Online shopping can be difficult because there is no standard measurement for size. According to Naomie Caron (Mexico-based founder of Selfish Swimwear), the best way to find the right size is to consult the chart. The chart will usually give you three points of reference from which to work: the bust and waist and the hips. (Caron advises that the hip measurement should be taken at your widest part of the bum. Are you lacking a soft tape measure? To measure your dimensions, use a length string and compare it to a ruler or measuring tape. A comfortable reading against your skin will give you the most accurate measurement. You want to be able breathe normally and not feel the tape dig in.

For more information, contact the customer service team or designer if you are still unsure. Caron says, “If they are a company that aligns to your values, then they’ll make it easy for you to get in touch with them.” She sometimes asks her customers to send her photos of their bodies and proportions so that she can help them size-wise. “I want to have a conversation with my customers.”

What is the best material for a swimsuit?

Most swimwear is made of nylon (also known as polyamide), lycra, or elastane. This fabric gives the suit its stretch. An 80-20 split is the best combination to ensure comfort and durability. You want your swimsuit to have some stretch, but it should also be able to return to its original form easily. Christina Remenyi, founder of Fortnight, a Toronto-based swimwear and lingerie brand, said that other factors such as printing or fabric weight could result in a tighter fit. Consider how sheer your swimsuit may appear after a dip. You can use pictures to help you understand what to expect.

Remenyi says that if you are rough with your swimwear, “you will want to ensure the fabric is of good quality.” Remenyi uses Italian jersey for her designs. Look out for high-performance materials such as oil-resistant, pill-resistant, and UV-resistant.

What is the best top for my bust?

First, consider your desired result. Cup inserts can be used to give your body a little more lift. Remenyi warns that if padding isn’t done correctly, it can be seen where the bathing suit ends. For smaller busts, you might consider bralette-style shapes with front seaming. The little notches give structure and the illusion of a fuller cup. For larger chests, a sports-style top might be a good choice. However, if you don’t want the compressed look, a wider band under your bust and a tie-back closure that crosses your back are better options. These design elements provide comfort-first support, removing pressure from the neck and evenly dispersing it across the shoulders. Remenyi says that a minimal shelf bra, which is the bra lining that comes with a one-piece, might seem better for smaller chests. However, it’s actually an excellent option for large cup sizes.

What design elements should I look out for in a swimsuit’s design?

Remenyi suggests that you think about what kind of activities your swimsuit will be used for. Tie fastenings may not be the best choice if you like to lounge all day. No-slip leg openings with a higher neck and no-slip leg openings will help your suit stay in place if you are more interested in water sports.

You can even adjust the fit to make it your own. Remenyi says, “Our bodies are different so it’s great to be able to adjust the straps or shorten our torso.” These elements can be described in product descriptions. Sometimes it is necessary to reflect on past swimsuit issues to determine what to look for. Caron suggests that you think about what you don’t like about a bathing suit, and then go from there. Do you ever feel your bandeau is slipping? Look for one that has silicone gumming to keep it in place. Are you concerned about bra bulge You can adjust the size of your suit with a flexible tie-back closure.

How can I take care of a swimsuit so it lasts?

High-quality care is essential for long-lasting swimsuits, especially if you are spending a lot of money. To extend your swimsuit’s life, removing any sunscreen, chlorine, salt, and sea salt residue is important. However, hot water should be avoided, both in the washer and in the whirlpool. Remenyi says that high temperatures can cause fibres and elastics to become brittle. This is why your suit will be saggy after a long soak. She advises that you save your less expensive swimsuits for the hot tub.

Drying is easy for well-made pieces. However, it’s best to dry them flat.

How can I find a timeless swimsuit?

Remenyi recommends keeping it simple. She’s a huge fan of the one-piece maillot. She says, “It’s such an timeless, versatile piece.” It makes it easy to get from water to land. You can wear the skirt or jeans as an outerwear piece.

Caron says that the trend of high-waisted bottoms isn’t going away. This cut is great for defining your figure and providing uncompromising security. Choose colours that are easy to mix and match when it comes to bikinis. This wearability allows you to double or triple the number of two-piece options. It’s smart considering our cooler climate means we must assemble a smaller swimwear collection.

Below are some of our favorite swimsuit trends for 2021.

This classic two-piece is elevated by thoughtful design details, including structured seaming, a dramatic neckline, and high-cut legs that allow maximum length.

Fortnight Swim Pullover, $110, Swim Foldover, $98

A suit made of a firm, shape-retaining material is best for sporty activities like paddling, tubing, and laps. The swimsuit comprises eighty percent nylon and twenty percent lycra and won’t move.

Selfish Swimwear Gabrielle Bikini Top, $90, Analie Bikini Bottoms, $90

This modest swimwear option includes four pieces, including a cap.

Lyra Swim Sofia, $149,

This two-piece is more substantial around the stomach, hips, and bum to allow for active outings.

Aerie Wide-Strap Scooped Neckline Bikini Top, $40, Crossover Bikini Bottoms, $40

Bold colours are never out of fashion, and this red shade is our favorite. A timeless one-piece with tie detail will elevate your style.

Bleu Rod Beattie One-Piece Swimsuit, $139

A classic black swimsuit can be reimagined with fluttery shoulders. This top doubles up as a top when worn with high-waisted denim cutoffs.

Beth Richards One-Piece, $260

This ribbed set in a bright sky-blue color clocks in at under $35

H&M Padded Bikini Top, $20, Bikini Bottoms, $15

This one-piece maillot is made from sustainable material and features a trendy one-shoulder cut. It’s stylish and practical.