Bra Sister Sizes

You have finally had your professional fitted to find out your exact size. You can finally wear the correct-fitting undergarments, no more bras that dig in or ride up. Woohoo! Woohoo!

You don’t have to give up on a bra style because it doesn’t fit you or you prefer a different style. There are many options. Bra sister sizes are your secret weapon.

What size is a bra, sister?

Sibling sizes are the alternative sizes to your bra size. The cup volume remains unchanged regardless of the band size or cup letter. Knowing your sister’s sizes can help you find the best-fit bra. Converting bras is all that’s required. This is how you find your bra size equivalent. This little trick could change your life.

How can I find my sister’s size?

Let’s assume you wear a 12D in most cases. A 10 band is an option for bras that have a larger fit. You can’t just swap out your D cup for another D cup. To maintain the same cup volume, you must increase the cup size if the band fits are reduced. A 10DD is the sister size of a 12D. The opposite is true. You can go up in your band size from 12 to 14 and down in your cup size to a C. A 12D sister will be a 14D. To find out more, visit our Sister Sizing Chart.

Do you think you have it? Sister Size Example

You may find that different styles of the Minimiser bras fit differently. You may need a smaller size for the True shape Sensation Minimiser style than you would for a more modest Sheer Minimiser style. The Amourette bra styles vary from the Wired Padded Bra to S Spotlight Balconette. You have many options to choose from once you have your sister’s sizes.

How can I determine the best fit? Calculator for Bra Size

Finding the right size for your sister and the perfect fit shouldn’t take long. Expert in-store bra fitting will help you find the perfect bra for you. We offer fitting advice and bra size calculations. A good tip is to ensure your breasts don’t spill out of the cups. If your band rides up at the back, it may be too large, and you might need to reduce its size. A too tight or uncomfortable bra may not be the right fit.

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