7 things you need to know before you buy a swimsuit online

I know that I am not the only one who loves to shop online.

It’s surprising to me how many online shoppers claim they won’t buy swimwear online because they must try it on before they purchase.

Their point is valid: Swimwear can be difficult to find. It can be difficult to find the right suit for you.

But I am here to convince you that online shopping has many benefits, if done correctly. There is no need to be embarrassed by the lighting in the dressing room, judgemental salespeople and the pressure to choose which suit to bring home.

You have to follow the rules and choose your retailer carefully in order to find a suit that fits well online. This is how to find a swimsuit that you love and fits well online.

How to order a swimsuit online

1.Be clear about what you are looking for. This article will help you to clarify your requirements for a swimsuit.

2. Your (ballpark) size Take your measurements and refer to the size chart. To get an idea of the size, read the recommendations for body types and review the products. If you have any questions, great retailers will encourage you to call them or chat live. Ask questions.

3. Your favorite suit should be ordered in at least two sizes. Order 3 sizes if you aren’t sure what size you should order. Don’t be afraid to order more than one size.

4. It’s worth it to try it. This holds truer for swimsuits that for other clothing. You might find it stunning or embarrassing. But if you like a particular design, you should try it. Order it. It is much simpler and more cost-effective to place all orders at once.

5. Check out how they look. You can try your swimsuits in your own home, with good lighting and when you are in a positive mood. Check out how you feel, and how you look. You can dance a little and ensure it stays put.

6. You can return any suits that aren’t working by mail, or at your local bricks-and mortar location. If you adhere to rule #7, this works great.

7. It is important to select your retailer carefully if you want to have a pleasant online shopping experience. Online shopping is not for everyone. It is important to shop with a reputable company that offers easy returns.

The stores listed below want your happiness. Online.

Online shopping for bathing suits

Lands’ End is a mail-order company that existed before the internet. They are experts at helping you find a suit you love, without you even trying it on. Many of their swimsuits, including the two mentioned above, are available in special sizes for women who have had a breast-replacement surgery. Live chat and telephone are available with swim experts. You can return your order to any Sears full-line store or by mail for $6.95.

J. Crew offers stylish versions of classic suits in a variety of trendy colors. Returns to any store are free.

Athleta. Gap’s Athleta is a member of the Gap family. They offer a range of adorable styles and athletic, high-quality performance-based suits. The prints are amazing and the online tool allows you to mix and match your two-piece. All orders above $50 qualify for free shipping and returns. Return shipping costs are flat $6.00 regardless of how many items you order.

Zappos. Zappos is your personal department store. They are known for their amazing customer service and incredible selection of top brands such as Roxy, Tommy Bahama and La Blanca. You can find tons of customer reviews on Zappos to help you choose the right size or shape, and they offer free shipping (and fast shipping) both ways.

My favourite swim accessories

These aren’t swimsuits but they will always be in my beach bag.

Rash guards. My skin is extremely sensitive, both to sunlight and sunscreen. This is why I always choose a shaded spot by the pool and use a rashguard when I am in the sun. The options are now much more varied than ever. (Currently in my bag: The black J Crew bag.

Cover-ups. Cover-ups should be comfortable, lightweight, and easy to put on. I’m obsessed with those pom-poms.