6 Tips to Help You Feel Good in a Swimsuit

I don’t know if you guys but pool and beach season are in full swing now that July Fourth is here. In June, it was a little cold, so we’re expecting a warm July. You can expect to see many pictures of me wearing my swimsuit.

Many women wish winter is coming soon because they see their friends, family, and strangers in swimsuits. Fitness magazine published a story last month that included interesting statistics on how women feel about their bikini bodies (or tankini, or one-piece or board-short) These numbers were fascinating to me.

It is something I know from personal experience. Many women pass up the opportunity to splash in the ocean or go to a water park because they are afraid of their swimsuits. I was one of them. I would wear a tee shirt over my swimsuit. I would drape a towel across my lap. The secret to feeling great in a swimsuit is not about your body size or weight. It all has to do with confidence, attitude, and the right swimwear. I can now happily swim in any one of my many swimsuits with joy. My swimsuit makes me feel good. Can you believe it? How did this 225-pound woman find swimsuit paradise? Here’s how:

Look for a comfortable swimsuit.

For most women, shopping for a swimsuit ranks high on the most difficult things they have to do. However, you must find the right one. Although I love online shopping, I strongly believe that swimsuits should only be purchased in-store. To feel confident, it is important to find a swimsuit that fits you well. It should fit snugly, but not too tight, in all the right places. It can be either too long or too short. Not being able to swim confidently is a sign of weakness. Jump, squat and dance around in the dressing room. Find out how your suit moves!

It’s not worth it unless you have tried it.

You can try on millions of sizes, colors, or types. Although I thought that the swimsuit was only for old ladies, I tried it on a few years ago and pleasantly surprised. I have three swim dresses now and I love them all. Even though the swim suit is still my favorite swimwear, I am constantly complimented on my swimsuits. Did you know that you can wear a bikini? You should try one. Perhaps board shorts are right for you. They are so easy to put on that you won’t know until you try them. Many women rush to find the perfect swimsuit, and skip over buying them. Are you unhappy with a tank suit you own? You can skip the tank suits and find what works best for you.

Don’t judge others, look at the world around you.

Both women and men! Women (and men!) tend to be so snarky when it comes to beach time. In the past, I have been guilty of saying things like “She shouldn’t be wearing that bikini!” But the truth is, I am only hurting my confidence by bringing down others. If you feel the need to comment on someone’s unsatisfactory bikini, try looking at it as a compliment. Negativity can be turned around. Positive thinking will help you see others in a positive light. It will also help you to see yourself positively. You can also take the time to really look people with all your negativity gone. You’ll be amazed at the number of people you will see who aren’t as beautiful or muscular as those in magazines, but who are happy, confident and beautiful.

Complete the outfit.

Finding the right swimsuit is not enough to boost your beach confidence. The whole package makes me feel great. Look for coordinating sunglasses, hats and beach bags. You can even add a necklace and earrings. Many people feel so naked in a swimsuit. But it doesn’t have be!

Be true to yourself

Many women wear swimsuits that are totally different from their normal clothing. You don’t have to abandon what you love, and that suits your body and personality. Are you a bit of an ogre? You can then skip the baggy bikini and opt for a board shorts and a tank top or blouse. There is swimwear for everyone, I believe.

Fake it until you make it.

Confidence can be sexy. Confidence is not something you can choose to have. You can fake it, however. You can still walk on the beach confidently, even if you feel self-conscious. Most people won’t notice your fake confidence, but will instead notice how radiant and beautiful you are. You won’t need to fake your confidence any longer.

Ladies, you are beautiful regardless of your height or size. Put on a swimsuit that fits well and enjoy the sun.