Bras n things in Australia

Bras n things in Australia

What a wonderful role model Mums can play! They raised us, took us to school, cooked dinner, ran school runs, and hosted birthday parties. It’s safe to say that every mother is a superwoman. We know that it wasn’t easy. It was chaotic, exhausting, and messy. But we all know that they wouldn’t trade it for anything. We are celebrating Mother’s Day by celebrating all things Mums. It is time that Mums own motherhood and are fully imperfect.

We are thrilled to share our Mother’s Day campaign, “Perfectly Imperfect Mums”, with you. It is based on the idea that mothers really do strive for perfection, even though they love getting it wrong.

We have the facts if you doubt us! A recent survey we conducted among 5,800 mothers in Australia found that more than 70% feel that perfection is expected of them. !

Our amazing talent, who are also mums, is featured in the campaign. Helena Vestergaard and Lauren McMath agree that motherhood can be exhausting, beautiful, and fulfilling. Helena joked about motherhood, saying that it is beautiful, fulfilling, and exhausting.

These moments were important to us, and we wanted to celebrate them through our campaign. We highlighted them through humorous confessions from real moms.

This year, our Mother’s Day range has a different look. We have a lot of styles that are inspired by the butterfly print trend, which our designers loved so much, they decided to spread the colours of the butterflies throughout the rest of the products.

Designer Laura Flanagan says Sienna has a sophisticated look thanks to the vintage-toned satin and luxurious lace. The Maple pieces look young and adorable with the mixed stripes, terry towelling fabric and the terry towelling fabric. The Indulge Lingerie is fashionable and fashion-forward. Finally, the Vamp & Playwear sets are sexy and edgy for mums who still desire that!

We know that she will love our essentials range of beautiful sleepwear and lingerie. Our Painted Lady wrap and PJ sets, as well as our lingerie set with the beautiful butterfly print (she could be surrounded by butterflies! Our Painted Lady dress in purple is great for winter rugs! We have everything Mum needs, including sleep, lounge, and underwear styles. You’ll be hard pressed to choose from our five-colour satin PJ sets!

We have something for every mum, whatever her mood. You can let your mother be bold with our hot pink Sasha set paired with a matching pair of v strings and suspenders, or you can feel romantic and flirty in our gorgeous blue Enchanted Two Nights In Santorini set. You don’t have to gift Mum one our Night Games sets. Our ivory babydoll set, ” GenX“, is perfect for Mum to feel a little bit more spicy at home. Or, pops of pink with the butterfly embroidery in our Fantasy set. Available up to 18F.

What can we do to keep our feet warm as winter approaches (bring back summer!). You can slip on our slippers, lounge socks, and uggies while lounging around at home with ease. Combine any of our sleepwear with these slippers to give Mum the complete package! You can even throw in an eyemask to give Mum the perfect shut-eye.